We continue to acquaint ourselves with the companies that will represent Ukraine at the international conference. Today, it’s the video game development studio Farom Studio, known for their recent project Lost Region, the company creating edutainment games for children, Bini Games, as well as the localization and post-production studio, Postmodern.


Gamescom 2023: Projects, Plans and More

Excited to explore the works of these studios and their awesome projects? Eager to connect with them at the upcoming tradeshow? By the way, it’s a great idea, as each of our participants would love to network, as you can see from their insightful quotes! 😉 

So, after you’ve read this article to its very end, be sure to mark your calendars for the tradeshow – we are waiting to speak with you!


Nataliia, Farom Studio: Gamescom presents a wonderful chance for us to showcase our nation globally. Our team takes immense pride in being here in Cologne, on this Ukrainian island, to make our mark in the gaming industry.

Though we have two own projects, Lost Region which is getting reworked and game code-name Quesadilla the RTS game. There will be some pictures and videos from both of these games but we are not presenting them on Gamescom right now. 

Still, we’re looking forward to networking and developing business connections. We’re eager to explore captivating ventures from fellow companies, engage with studio members, exchange insights, and of course, enjoy these brilliant moments together.


Bohdan, Bini Games: We operate in several directions. Firstly, there are our revenue-generating franchises for children, with 16 million children worldwide playing monthly. Secondly, it’s an innovative ed-tech project that showcases a new approach to remote education, as we strive to engage the child and instill a love for exploring the world. Thirdly, we’re launching new games for kids in other niches and age categories. 

Our objectives for Gamescom are seeking partners and broadening our horizons. We aim to grow and scale our operations. Also, we want to demonstrate to the world that Ukrainian businesses are effective, capable of profitability and success, and resilient against adversities like wars and power disruptions. We are determined to triumph on all fronts.


Egor, Postmodern: For us, participation in the Ukrainian pavilion is an opportunity to join the community, meet old friends and new partners, highlight the immense talent and capabilities that Ukraine has to offer in the realms of VFX, Post-Production, and Localization. Currently, we’re involved in a range of captivating projects, including both film and games.

At the conference, we plan to showcase our expertise in visual effects for game cinematics along with our post-production prowess such as game localization. We enjoy telling stories, especially when they flow from books to games, from games to cinematics, and from cinematics to movies and TV shows.

At Gamescom, we’d be happy to establish new partnerships within the gaming industry. We aim to collaborate with fellow enthusiasts, share insights, and explore avenues for mutual growth.


Ukraine’s Game Dev Today

Now, we arrive at another equally fascinating part. What makes this part truly captivating is that regardless of a company’s specialization, they all share a common belief: Ukrainian game development boasts a plethora of advantages, despite going through harsh times. With the backing of communities worldwide, we’re prepared to tackle challenges head-on and come out even stronger. Our experience will contribute to the benefit of the global game dev scene.


Egor, Postmodern: The present state of game development in Ukraine is marked by a vibrant and encouraging atmosphere. With an expanding pool of talent and remarkable technological progress, the outlook is brimming with promise. While obstacles such as competition and the need for sustained innovation persist, we hold a strong belief in the capacity of Ukrainian game development to triumph over these hurdles and make a mark on the global arena.

Now, we extend a message of unity and creativity. It celebrates the power of collaboration and innovation. Together, we can push the boundaries of what’s possible and elevate the gaming industry to new heights, creating unforgettable experiences for players everywhere.


Nataliia, Farom Studio: Ukraine has great developers who lack investments, so the only way for Ukrainian companies to actually create something cool is either to earn money by outsourcing and then fund their own products or to find foreign investors. Though many people think that game developers are rich, if we calculate distribution platforms’ commissions, taxes, and other fees, it’s clear that more than 50% of the revenue goes to whoever but the creators of the game. This can be an issue.

Also, I’d like to remind the global community that Ukraine has 47 million people, which is a market that could be used. Localization isn’t that expensive and offers a handful of benefits.

Finally, speaking about the state of our game dev industry, I believe that Ukrainian companies should stop abusing the soviet theme, as no one wants to have anything in common with that (except for laughing at it :)). It has been very popular lately but I’m happy that there’s a great variety of other topics nowadays.


Bohdan, Bini Games: Despite the war and crisis, the market is growing. In May 2023, the Boston Consulting Group’s report showcased positive trends: gaming ranked as the second-largest media sector at $184.4 billion in 2022, expected to surpass $210 billion in 3 years, with mobile leading (>50% in revenues), and PC/Console sustaining strong platforms for immersive gameplay.

The conclusion is simple: these are challenging times for unstable companies but they also mean opportunities for strong companies and talented specialists. 

Ukrainian businesses are trustworthy. There’s no need to hesitate when investing in them. We are a prominent IT nation, driven by highly talented individuals capable of creating innovative and beneficial products, even amidst challenging circumstances. We are able to achieve success and know how to do it.


To Sum It Up

So, these awesome people have given us insights into various Ukrainian game development and post-production companies getting ready for Gamescom 2023. They all want to network, show off their skills, and team up with others. Despite challenges, they believe in the industry’s strength, driven by talented workers.

Want to experience it all in person? Come visit our Ukrainian booth at Gamescom! We’d love to have a chat with you!


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