Are you in the mood to get to know a few more participants of the Ukraine Pavilion at Gamescom? Great, then get ready and let’s go!

Today, we had a conversation with the developer of the Metro video game series, 4A Games, experts in creating HTML5 games, PlayToMax, a studio for various mobile games, Plazma Studio, a developer of AAA and mobile games in different genres, Red Beat, and an influencer marketing platform,


To-Show and To-Do List for Gamescom 2023

First, let’s give a word to every studio to learn more about their projects, which we’ll see at the event. Be sure that every studio and company is glad to meet you at the event, so mark whichever participant to talk to. As you can ensure, all of them are open to dialog and are ready to meet new people!


Oleksandr, Plazma Studio: Currently, we’re developing Expansion — our very first immersive VR sci-fi tactical RTS. The project is exactly what we’re planning to present at Gamescom 2023. It’s a game I’m really excited about. In a nutshell, Expansion, aside from the TRTS component, features some RPG elements and is seasoned with a unique adventurous spirit.

We’re on the lookout for potential partners who are as passionate about VR gaming as we are. Of course, we’ll be happy to catch up on the latest trends and innovations in the gaming world.


Olga, PlayToMax: PlayToMax is an outsourcing studio specializing in a very niche market —  HTML5 games. We also develop playable ads for mobile games. For the upcoming conference, we plan to announce a couple of new in-house projects we’re working on, as well as a new dashboard tool for playable ads that will be live Q1 2024. We are eager to tell the world about Ukraine, why companies should hire and work with us, and also we’re planning to meet our current clients as well as new prospects.


Artem, Red Beat: We continue to develop and support the mobile MMO Frostborn and are working on two unannounced projects. This is our first visit to an international event since the beginning of the full-scale war, so we are looking forward to meeting and negotiating with colleagues, as well as establishing new connections.


Dima, Our platform connects gaming companies, micro streamers, and their communities in performance marketing campaigns. As for the current projects we’re working on, I can highlight Indie Roadshow – the project that brought together a curated selection of 50 talented indie game developers, and Streamer Leaderboard – a new initiative so streamers can win up to $5K monthly by engaging their viewers on platform campaigns, which will be launched soon.

We recently relaunched our platform, making it even better and more comfortable for brands and streamers. So, at for the conference, we want to introduce the revamped to the world and connect with like-minded gaming enthusiasts. 


Andrii, 4A Games: We are still hard at work on our projects, and while we are not sharing any new information at this time, we did recently share some news. Earlier this year we released the Exodus SDK for the community to build their own content.  This isn’t just simple mod support – it is our full Editor as it was the day we released Metro Exodus, with the ability to create standalone content run from a basic executable. To learn more details about the SDK, our projects, and the studio in general, check out our 10th anniversary update and the latest 2023 update or head to our Careers page if you want to join us!


After discussing projects and overall plans for the conference, we spoke with all participants to understand what being part of it means to them. 


From the Ukraine Pavilion to the Whole Industry

Turns out, we’re all on the same page. All studios and companies coming together is another chance to show the world the Ukrainian industry thrives amidst adversity. We’re united, efficient, and progressive, crafting top-tier projects and building strong brands.

Moreover, everyone here agrees on the state of the whole game dev industry in Ukraine. Shared challenges such as mobilization, employee care, energy shortages and financial hurdles don’t stop us. Ukrainian companies adapt, overcome difficulties and welcome new talent. 


As Andrii says they notice that game development companies in Ukraine are adapting and rising to the challenges.  They see a high demand for developers and an increasing amount of new and skilled people in the industry.


Olga adds that every Ukrainian game dev company is now an autonomous organization with its power stations, satellite internet, and nothing can basically stop us from working. 


Oleksandr is tracking all Ukrainian game titles that are being developed or have already been released, and for 2022-2023, he has counted more than 100 titles from our devs. How’s this possible, you might wonder?


Dima spills the beans that our game developers are Ukrainians, meaning they have a history of resilience in the face of challenges. Their ability to adapt to adverse circumstances will help them navigate the current situation. The Ukrainian game dev community’s unity and determination will foster an environment of mutual support, shared resources, and collaborative efforts.


And we all agree with Artem when he says that once Ukraine wins this war, we’ll only grow stronger and more effective. 



Let’s Sum It Up with Some Motivation

Still wondering if it’s worth it to visit the Ukraine Pavilion and talk to the people whom you’ve got to know today? Just read their final thoughts and wishes, and no doubts will come to your mind!


Olga highlights that supporting Ukrainians is not charity, as you will definitely get yourself dedicated partners and employees that can work under any conditions. 


Artem urges everyone to support Ukraine in any way. We are fighting for not only our sovereignty but also for the values of the civilized world, to ensure that the fate of this war doesn’t affect other countries.


Dima fairly reminds us that in a world that sometimes feels divided, gaming unites us. Let’s foster camaraderie, creativity, and collaboration across borders. Together, we can overcome any obstacle.


Andrii agrees that we are standing strong and continue to work on games that our fans love so much.


And we’d like to finish our wonderful article with Oleksandr’s quote that will be useful for anyone, at any time: “Keep pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation, regardless of the circumstances.” 


That’s the true Ukrainian approach to life and work. So, do you have a specific date in mind to meet these talented individuals and delve into the world of the Ukraine Pavilion? Fantastic, we are looking forward to it!

In the meantime, make sure to follow us on social media. We’ll keep you posted on all the latest events there! All the links are on our homepage. 😉


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