4A Games is a multinational game dev studio with deep Ukrainian  roots

At the heart of the company there are currently over 150 talented designers, programmers, artists, effects specialists, animators, writers from all over the world, with diverse and unique backgrounds – bringing countless years of experience in, and love towards, video games.

The projects so far include Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light, Metro Redux, Artktika.1 and the most recent release, Metro Exodus.The Studio was founded in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2005 by a passionate team of game industry veterans with the goal of creating AAA-quality games. In 2014, the company moved its headquarters, along with over 50 team members and their families, from Ukraine to the island of Malta.

The studio currently maintains offices in both Malta and Kyiv, and recently opened a professional Mocap stage at the office in Kyiv.

Metro Exodus, 2019
Metro: Last Night, 2013
Metro 2033, 2010

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